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Oklahoma City: Film Row, a new pictorial history book that tells the story of the recently revitalized Oklahoma City Film Exchange District through never-before-seen vintage photographs, will be published August 15. A pre-release signing will be hosted at Joey’s Pizzeria in 700 W. Sheridan; Oklahoma City, on August 13, from 1-5pm. Businesses along Film Row will further offer glimpses of the former film vaults and art deco structures in an unprecedented one-time open house for those attending. Food and beverages will be served.

Film Row once flourished as a sales hub for theater owners needing films, posters, and concessions for their Midwest venues. The film exchange offices along this three-square-block area housed major film production studios like Paramount Pictures, MGM, Universal, Fox, and Warner Brothers from 1907 until the 1980s. But changes in demographics, economy, and technology nearly wiped their memory from the city landscape.

Now these decades-old structures and their nearly forgotten history are being rediscovered and utilized once again for business. This book tells their story through rare images shared here for the very first time.

"My research revealed many photographs of long forgotten faces and places within my community," Wynn said. "Now we have a chance to celebrate that past and show Oklahoma City the future of Film Row."

Oklahoma City: Film Row will be available August 15, 2011 at area bookstores, independent retailers, online retailers, and through Arcadia Publishing at (888) 313-2665 or

Arcadia Publishing is the leading publisher of local and regional history in the United States.

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